Sidekick Collaboration

As you know, we at Twalk, love to collaborate and work with companies aligned to our values. We recently discovered Sidekick. They demo’d how to build a bot with RPAready and showed us RunThru. If you have systems or compliance training needs or procedure documentation standards, you need to check it out. Sidekick are the makers of clever automation tools for business.

RunThru is a purpose built documentation tool that brings speed, ease and efficiency to the creation of documentation.

  • Documentation in minutes not hours – RunThru gives a 3-4X productivity gain for those creating procedural documentation such as training materials, SOPs, work instructions, e-learning & knowledge base articles.
  • Multiple document types – Capture a procedure once with RunThru, then convert it into multiple document formats including Word, PowerPoint, HTML, elearning, ServiceNow and Confluence.
  • Easy documentation maintenance – Once created, RunThru’s are easily updated as screens and procedures change over time. Users see 5-10X productivity gains in documentation maintenance.
  • Standardisation – All documents are standardised based on corporate colours, branding, fonts, layouts etc.
  • Project Teams – Create/update documentation throughout the project lifecycle (ie agile documentation) and de-risk hitting delivery deadlines.

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If you would like to arrange a demo, please email us at and we will arrange that for you.