TWALK – where leaders walk the talk to thrive!

The brainchild of Founder and CEO, Tania Beck Soulos, TWALK is letting the sunshine into the boardrooms of Australia and beyond.

A revolutionary approach to Leadership Development and Executive Coaching, the premise is refreshingly simple. We give leaders permission to get outside and engage in their outdoor passion while walking the talk. 

TWALK brings together expert leadership consultants, executive mentors, executive coaches, life and wellbeing strategists to bring out the best in leaders and their teams.

The TWALK method taps in to what it is to be human. Breathe, get up, get outdoors! Whether it’s going for a hike along a coastline, going for a stroll on the golf course, getting salty on a paddle board, TWALK harnesses activity with mindfulness to help leaders focus on achieving better business strategies and outcomes. Bottom line? Real results.

TWALK, a healthier, happier, interactive way to achieve real and sustainable results for Executives,  professionally and personally.


TWALK’s approach is underpinned by four core values: Connection, Collaboration, Trust and Passion.


Twalk believe that our best business is done with those we have true connections with. At Twalk we know and trust and celebrate our connections.


We believe in collaboration, not competition. At Twalk we represent companies and brands that hold values that are aligned to our own. We believe by working together we can have a greater impact helping our clients address their business issues.


At Twalk, we know that trust is foremost. We always work towards ensuring our clients use us as their trusted advisors. Clients can Twalk to us about their business, about their people, about their teams. 


Passion breeds passion! Twalking together, we aim to create change, make a difference and get real results to improve the bottom line, while at the same time resulting in happier workplace experiences. 

TWALK – it’s a movement with movement!