Team Profile: Mandy Holloway

Twalk Collaborator, Co-Founder/Owner Courageous Leaders, Facilitator, Executive Coach, Mentor, Keynote Speaker and Chair of CEO Institute Syndicate Group.

As a leadership trailblazer, Mandy Holloway has truly ‘walked her talk’, and put courage into action to achieve significant ‘firsts’ in her career. Mandy now inspires and guides both men and women to be courageous in the way they manage and lead themselves, others and their business.

Starting her career as an audit junior straight from school at one of the big accounting firms, she blazed a leadership trail to become the first female partner in Australia at PKF, now BDO. And later, admitted as a partner at KPMG, Sydney, she became the first partner to take paid maternity leave. They wrote the policy days before she went on leave.

Mandy established her company, Courageous Leaders, in 2002, where in another ‘first’, she designed and launched the innovative Courageous Leadership Program. Directly aligned to her philosophical beliefs and extensive business experience in executive coaching and leadership development, the program is designed to support growth in capability across the three critical facets of leadership mastery: self, relationship, and business mastery.

Mandy published her book in 2011 – Inspiring Courageous Leaders. In her book, Mandy drew on personal experience, in-depth business understanding, real business application and her passion to inspire others to become Courageous Leaders. This passion translates into the commitment to actively model courage, both personally and professionally, inviting others to develop the confidence and conviction to do the same.

Inspiring leaders to become courageous leaders promotes professional authenticity -providing a framework for leaders to stand up for what   they believe in – in order to build the foundations of trust and sustainability within their organisation. Stakeholders everywhere are looking for leaders to be courageous in what they do, what they say and how they lead.

 “During my career I have found myself drawing on reserves of courage every day in order to be the kind of leader I really want to be. One who inspires others and trusts that others are capable of doing great things, realising their true potential, because they have someone who truly believes in them, through the good times and the hard times.”

As a collaborator with Twalk, Mandy joins us as a Leadership Facilitator, Executive Coach and Mentor, to assist our clients grow, develop and master the key facets of leadership. She brings years of experience (from a variety of industries) to the team, allowing us to run a series of workshops that comprises the Courageous Leadership Program.

Mandy regularly receives feedback about her ability to engage people’s hearts when she brings to life the real and practical aspects of leading others through her own lived experiences.

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